Authors of best recent IR books
gave lectures at ESSIR 2011

Ricardo Baeza-Yates Hinrich Schuetze Stefan Rueger Peter Ingwersen books

Lecturer: Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Yahoo! Research Barcelona and Universidad de Chile

Learn about Web Retrieval and IR in the Cloud from head of Yahoo! Research Barcelona and author of the famous schoolbook "Modern Information Retrieval"!!

Lecturer: Hinrich Schütze
University of Stuttgart, Germany

Learn about foundational models and methods in IR from author of the famous books "Introduction to Information Retrieval" and "Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing" (the "Manning-Schütze" math bible for computer scientists)!!

Lecturer: Peter Ingwersen
Royal School of Information and Library Science, IVA Denmark

Learn about human aspects in IR and evaluation from author of the recent book "The Turn: Integration of Information Seeking and Retrieval in Context"!!

Lecturer: Stefan Rüger
Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK

Learn about Multimedia IR from author of the recent schoolbook "Multimedia Information Retrieval"!!

Keynote Speaker: Nigel Shadbolt
University of Southampton, UK

Learn about recent challenges of Web Science from co-founder of the Web Science Trust foundation!

Lecturer: Vladimir Batagelj
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Learn about Graph Theory and Network Analysis from "godfather" of Pajek - the famous large-scale network analysis package!!

Lecturer: Andreas Hotho
University of Würzburg, Germany

Learn about Retrieval in Social Media from "godfather" of Bibsonomy - a popular Web 2.0 platform for social bookmark/publication sharing!!

Lecturer: Duc Thanh Tran
Stanford University, USA Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

Learn about Semantic Search from co-founder of the SemSearch workshop and one of the leading researchers in this field.