Practical Top-K reasoning in IR

Top-10 reasons NOT to attend ESSIR 2011

If you don't want to meet authors of best recent IR books as Speakers and your lecturers, stay home.

If you prefer questions to answers, don't come to the plenary discussion with lecturers about doing successful PhD in IR.

If you are not interested in recent trends and directions in IR, avoid PhD symposiums. Do not submit any papers there!

If you don't need any feedback on your research/PhD topic, do not present anything in the poster/demo session. Grab some yummy fingerfood and disappear.

If you are not interested in highly reasonable fees, try to register as late as possible. Do not apply for Student grants!

If you're not satisfied with best-price Accommodation, stay home for free.

If your physician told you to avoid excitement, don't join the Rhine ship-cruise to the famous Loreley valley.

If you are indifferent to rivers, rocks, wineyards, volcanos, geysirs, medieval castles and world-best white wines, Rhineland will not attract your attention.

If you don't want to meet new people and exchange ideas, do not join our informal come-together activities.

If you don't trust Web 2.0, do not join our Facebook group. Do not follow us on Twitter, stay off our Flickr and Youtube contents.

OTHERWISE.. what are you still waiting for ?!

Early Registration: until 30 June 2011 !!