Koblenz combines the advantage of an established tourism destination (with many accommodation facilities of different price and comfort levels) with the charm and modest prices of a small town.

The early registration and accommodation request(s) will not affect the success of your eventual grant/student grant application for the Summer School!

Pre-arranged accommodation options

The summer school management has arranged reserved pools of rooms in several city hotels (in different price categories), all with very good reachability from the ESSIR venue (by bus or a short walk distance). Hotel reservations are managed by Koblenz-Kongress, accommodation requests should use the following interactive PDF form. In any questions to Koblenz-Kongress, please explicitly refer to "ESSIR 2011" as target event. The accommodation reservation form should be sent to the Koblenz-Kongress contact point no later than 18 July 2011. Room booking will occur on a first come first serve principle, the choice of a particular hotel, room type or price category cannot be guaranteed.

Accommodation request form (PDF)

  • B&B Hotel **+ (single 52,90 EUR, double 67,80 EUR) - Campus distance 20 min (walk + bus)
  • GHOTEl ** (single 67 EUR, double 69 EUR) - Campus distance 20 min (walk + bus)
  • Hotel Hamm *** (single 59 EUR, double 85 EUR) - Campus distance 23 min (walk + bus)
  • Hotel Scholz (single 55 EUR, double 80 EUR) - Campus distance 7 min (walk + bus)
  • Hotel Trierer Hof *** (single 64 EUR) - Campus distance 25 min (walk + bus)

In addition, the following hotel close to Campus holds a reserved pool of rooms for direct booking until 30 May 2011. This hotel should be contacted directly, refering to ESSIR 2011 as target event:

  • Hotel Oronto *** (single 56 EUR) - Campus distance 20 min (walk) or 7 min (walk + bus)


Booking on your own

If you prefer to arrange your accommodation on your own, we recommend to try major hotel reservation systems like HRS and In particular the following hotels might be of interest for you: