Koblenz has a very central position in central Europe and in Germany. The ESSIR location can be easily reached by plane (including many low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, Germanwings, Air Berlin, easyJet), by train (the majority of international long-distance trains in Germany pass through the Rhine valley and Koblenz), and by car (three highways, part of the European highway network).

Arrival by plane

Airport Frankfurt International (FRA): Major international airport about 115 km from Koblenz. All international airlines. Many direct trains to Koblenz, travel time app. 70 min (25 EUR), car ride from the airport app. 60 min.

Airport Cologne-Bonn (CGN): International airport about 100 km from Koblenz, major hub of low-cost airlines Germanwings and AirBerlin. Excellent connection to Koblenz by direct trains, travel time 60 min (14 EUR) car ride from the airport app. 60 min.

Airport Frankfurt Hahn (HHN): International airport 65 km from Koblenz, major Ryan Air hub in Europe. Direct coach link to Koblenz, travel time 70 min (15 EUR) or by car, travel time 40 min.

Airport Dusseldorf International (DUS): International airport 130 km from Koblenz. Many international airlines. Many direct trains to Koblenz, travel time app. 90-120 min (23 EUR), car ride from the airport app. 75 min.

Arrival by train

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways): Koblenz is located at the IC/EC track that connects the major cities from north to south in Germany. Many international long-distance trains (including EuroCityNight) to Cologne, Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg pass through Koblenz. Direct trains to the airports Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Cologne-Bonn, Dusseldorf are available. A dedicated bus link (Bus #20) connects the main station with university campus (15 min).

Use the journey planner of German railways with destination "Koblenz HBF" (Koblenz main station). It is possible to buy tickets online. From Koblenz main station, you can take a bus or taxi to your hotel/hostel or to the Campus. The taxi rank and the large bus station are located in front of the main entrance.

Arrival by car

Major car rental companies have offices in all mentioned airports. In general, all non-residents (including non-EU nationals) are permitted to use the driving license (issued by their local authority) during the first 6 months of stay in Germany. EU/EWR driving licences are even accepted without this temporal limitation. In some cases, care rental companies may require an authenticated translation of the original driving license, in order to ensure your eliglibility. This is often the case if the driving license is not completely written in English and/or does not clearly show categories of vehicles. For instance, Russian "international" driving licenses often cause this kind of questions. Last but not least: Make sure you drive alive! Drive on the right!

For GPS navigation, please use the following target address: 56070 Koblenz, intersection Oberweiher - Universitätsstrasse (50.362318,7.557238). This will bring you to the main entry of the campus. Parking lots can be found in front of the main entry on the right (small), the way down to the Moselle river on the left side (large) and also - just few steps away - under the big Moselle bridge (large). Just follow the corresponding signs for parking. All parking lots are free of charge.

Getting around in Koblenz

Koblenz maps: Interactive Map, Google Maps

Campus maps: Interactive Map, Google Maps

The taxi from the city centre or the train station to the ESSIR venue (8-9 min) costs app. 10 EUR. We recommend to explicitly ask for 'University Campus Metternich' (Metternich is a district of Koblenz). Many years ago, the Campus was located on the opposite side of the city, and some mature taxi drivers may mix up destinations.

Taking a bus from the city centre or from the train station to the ESSIR venue (University campus) takes 12-15 minutes and costs 2,45 EUR for a single journey. A variety of special fares (e.g. 1-day ticket, group ticket for 5 people) are also available. Buses to/from the campus are: #3 (from city center), #15 (from main station/city center) and #20 (from main station, this is the fastest link). Complete Timetables (Campus bus stops are "Winninger Strasse" or "Oberweiher/Uni"). Please consult Interactive Map, Google Maps for detailed information about available bus stops.

For regional bus connections around Koblenz, you should check the VRM Web site. Many destinations can be reached by regional trains. The cheapest way to explore Rhineland is one-day Rhineland ticket which is valid on almost all buses, coaches, and buses in Rhineland-Palatinate and in Saarland. This ticket is available in Internet, from ticket vending machines in train stations, and on the bus from bus driver.


University street 1
56070 Koblenz
Rhineland, Germany

Phone +49-261-287-2736
Fax +49-261-287-2721

Coordinates: 50.362938 , 7.558973 Google Map