Geocaching at ESSIR'11


Geospatial retrieval in practice! Conceptually, geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS devices and then share their experiences online. The impressive Geocaching Map of Koblenz shows over 100 caches, including many puzzles, adventures, and lost places - many of them in the direct vicinity of ESSIR.

ESSIR Venue from geocacher's perspective

Several registered geocaches will guide you to places of ESSIR in Koblenz:

  • Lecture hall: GC20FHP is a small tradi, located right in front of ESSIR lecture hall
  • Get-together: GC2PX44 is a small tradi, located in the old town of Koblenz, close to our get-together event in Gecko Lounge (Sunday, August 28, 20:00). To find the Gecko lounge, have a lookout for small streets Gemüsegasse / Mehlgasse that begin here
  • Social event: GC2QJVY is a small tradi, this is a very nice panoramic Rhine view quite close to the Rhine landing stage #8 (boarding place for our social event - Rhine Loreley tour - on Thursday, 01 Sep 2011)
  • Students' nightlife: After your first days in Koblenz, you might be interested to try GC2JPJA - a tricky puzzle that is closely related to both University Campus and to student nightlife in Koblenz! The cache description is available in English. As a small spoiler, the final is somewehere just 5 min away from ESSIR lecture halls.
  • From Campus to German Corner: There is a very nice panoramic footpath along the Moselle river from University Campus to the most famous place of Koblenz, the German Corner (aka Teutonic Knights corner), confluence of rivers Moselle and Rhine. The walk takes 30-40 min. Our GPX Track can guide you! Some segments of the footpath are quite new and may not appear on older maps. On the footpath, you will direcly pass geocaches GC2VMMC (puzzle), GC2B1EG (traditional) and GC2JDA9 (traditional). At the end of your walk, you can try the traditional cache GC228YX directly at the German Corner!

GC Adventures close to ESSIR venue

Fans of T5 adventures and lost places might be interested to try GCWZMD, GC16T4B or GC1M83W - gallery photos speak volumes. It's worth the translation for some German descriptions, we will be glad to assist you.