Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA-2011)

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Symposium Keynote

David Elsweiler: Working at (and Pushing) the Boundaries of IR: how Other Fields can Influence Your IR Research

Key Dates

10th of June: Paper/Poster Deadline (extended, approaching !!)
21st of June: Review Deadline
28th of June: Paper Notification
17th of July: Camera Ready Papers Due
August 2011: FDIA 2011 as part of ESSIR 2011

The 4th Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA) will be held in conjunction with the European Summer School in Information Retrieval in Koblenz, Germany. The symposium aims to provide a forum for participants of the summer school to share their research and interaction with senior researchers in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The previous symposiums were held in Padova, Italy in 2009 (with ESSIR 2009), London, England in 2008, and Glasgow, Scotland in 2007 (with ESSIR 2007) and have provided an entertaining and exciting forum for sharing and forming tentative ideas and work. Why future directions, because we want to encourage submissions that focus on the early research such as pilot studies, presenting challenges and future opportunities, conceptual and theoretical work, and the contributions from doctoral work. Why Information Access, because it captures the broader ideas of information retrieval, storage and management to include interaction and usage.

Symposium Aims

The IRSG FDIA Symposium is mainly turned to PhD students, researchers new to the field, and post doctoral researchers. The objectives are:

  • To provide an accessible forum for new researchers to discuss their research and projects
  • To help foster formative and tentative research ideas
  • To encourage discussion and successful progression
  • To share outcomes of doctoral work

Call for Papers

This symposium calls for research papers to be submitted on topics about Information Access. We especially encourage submissions on late breaking and formative research which presents initial work that survey and present future challenges and opportunities, present pilot studies, explore conceptual and/or theoretical models, or which present results, findings and future directions on experiments conducted using an existing approach in a new space or on a new collection. Submissions focusing on new directions and emerging work in Information Access/Retrieval which create discussion and provoke reaction are strongly encouraged. Submissions should provide the necessary background and motivation of the topic, so as to maximize the benefit to the author and fellow participants.

A paper should aim to include the following:

  • Motivation for the research
  • Background and related work (with key references)
  • Particular issues highlighted for discussion and main research questions/challenges

Late breaking and formative research papers may also wish to include:

  • Description of proposed or performed research
  • Outline of Conceptual/Theoretical Models
  • Research methodology and experiment

Use of existing approaches papers should also include:

  • Outline of Conceptual/Theoretical Models
  • Description of performed research methodology and experiment
  • Experiment findings and future directions

Areas of research include, but are not limited to:

  • Databases
  • Information Retrieval
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Multimedia and Multimodal
  • Knowledge Management
  • Bio, Chemo, Med, Eco, etc. Informatics

All papers will be peer reviewed by at least one senior researchers on the Programme Committee. Papers should be 4-6 pages in length in eWics Format using the Word or Latex templates. Submissions should be converted to PDF. All submissions must be from a solo author: the idea is to encourage and promote one's own research.

Call for Posters

We would also like to invite shorter submissions which provide a summary of the your current research to present as a poster during the symposium. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your research with your peers and senior IR researchers and practitioners during FDIA / ESSIR. All posters will be reviewed. Poster paperss should be 1-2 pages in length in eWics Format eWics Format using the Word or Latex templates. Submissions should be converted to PDF.

The Proceedings will be printed online as part of the Ewics series. All submissions should be uploaded via:

>>FDIA Submission Site<<

Tentative Programme

Welcome and Introduction
Boaster Session: quick fire presentations to promote one's work and tell the audience why they should come and talk to you about your research
Poster Sessions: time for in depth discussions about your research and the directions you are taking


PC Chairs:

Liadh Kelly, Dubin City University
Leif Azzopardi, University of Glasgow

General Chair: Sergej Sizov, University of Koblenz