Acknowledgement of Participation

Upon successful participation in ESSIR lectures, all participants received the written "Acknowledgement of participation", i.e. a confirmation that they have successfully attended the Summer School.

ECTS Transcript of Records

Upon successful participation in ESSIR 2011 lectures, some participants received on request the "Transcript of records" in ECTS format (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, 3 credit points for the master course "Information Retrieval") from University of Koblenz. This option was only available for students currently enrolled in bachelor/master/diploma programs, the original proof of enrolment / matriculation from home university was required to be presented on site.

The "Transcript of records" was issued in category Y (successful participation in all lectures, no examination) or with graded result A/B/C/D/E (after examination). Examination forms and success criteria have been announced during ESSIR 2011 and explained in detail to requesting students.

We strongly recommended our student participants to ensure in advance with their home university whether the ECTS trancript of ESSIR'11 can be accepted and attributed as part of the respective participant's curriculum.