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Rhine boat trips

A MUST: Rhine cruise to the magnificent Rhine valley at the Loreley - Unesco World Heritage with wineyards, numerous medieval castles, and Rhine of course. The ESSIR social program will include the Loreley boat trip! Furthermore, Koblenz Touristik provides nice tour recommendations and a detailed overview of shipping lines.

Medieval castles

Castle of Marksburg in Braubach close to Koblenz, is the most famous medieval castle of the Rhine valley which has never been destroyed (unlike many others).

Wine tasting

Rhine and Moselle are famous for excellent wines, especially white Riesling. Small villages and towns along the river valleys offer numerous opportunities for wine tasting. Avoid central, large restaurants (full of Japanese tourists) and have a lookout for a besom on the wall of a small wine-grower shop - it shows that his small wine pub is open! It is often called "Besenwirtschaft" or "Strausswirtschaft".

Hiking and bike tours

Rhineland has the best infrastructure in Germany! Many ideas and tour suggestions for the surroundings of Koblenz can be found at portals Traumpfade and Radwanderland. These sites are mostly in German, so do not hesitate to ask us if you are interested and need some help! Koblenz Touristik provides addresses of local bike rental shops and some tour recommendations.

The Beach

A nice sand beach Statt Strand is situated on the Moselle river, right in front of the University campus!! You will find tons of sand, beach volleyball, summer feelings, and very good beach cocktails just 5 min away from your lecture hall!!


The world-largest cold geyser in Andernach near Koblenz. Trip includes the visit to the interactive geyser museum, a short boat trip on the Rhine to the near nature reserve where the geyser is situated, and of course a geyser eruption (50- 60m high !!!).


Volcano museum "Lava-Dome" in Mendig near Koblenz. We are situated in the area of high volcanic activity (hotspot area) which results in numerous volcanoes, volcanic seas, lava streams, and sometimes also perceptible earthquakes!! The trip includes a visit to the interactive museum, guided tour with descent into lava mine, and explanations of old stonemason handicraft in Rhineland that origins from Roman times.


Guided Segway tours across Koblenz are offered by Biwakschachtel, the shop is located close to main station.


Geocaching will guide you to many local attractions and beautiful places in Koblenz. Fans of T5 adventures and lost places might be interested to try GCWZMD, GC16T4B or GC1M83W - gallery photos speak volumes. It's worth the translation for some German descriptions, we will be glad to assist you.


Climbing: Via Ferrata Boppard close to Koblenz offers alpine feelings on the rocks of the Rhine valley. Can be combined with nice walks in the surrounding hills. Equipment can be borrowed nearby, in the ARAL gasoline station at the main road B9. Detailed maps and track for the walk can be found here.

A nice high-rope parcours in the woods is installed in Kletterwald Sayn close to Koblenz.


Panoramic flights with Rhein-Mosel-Flug (RMF) from the airfield Winningen close to Koblenz. You will enjoy the valleys of Rhine and Moselle in a very special and unique manner. Can be combined with a nice walk through slate vineyards down to the Moselle - the village of Winningen is one of the most beautiful winegrower villages in all Germany.

For more action, RMF also owns two professional aerobatic machines. Aerobatics with an open biplane is fun!

Federal garden show

In summer 2011, Koblenz hosts the prestigious German horticultural show. ESSIR 2011 benefits from advanced tourism infrastructure and additional attractions (e.g. a new panoramic cable car over the Rhine, restored historical buildings, various installations, and rich cultural program).